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The ability to untether one’s self from routine is the ultimate luxury. With a reverence for the past and a nod towards modernity, Il Dandy suspends time — encouraging diners to savor the flavors and perfumes rarely experienced outside of the southern coast of Italy. Take pause, enjoy, revel.

Presenting the tastes of their homeland through a contemporary and approachable lens, California’s first Italian Michelin-rated chefs, Antonio and Luca Abbruzzino, provide a culinary opportunity that inspires thoughtful consumption. Utilizing native ingredients as well as the bounty of local farms, their sophisticated market-driven dishes serve as ambassadors of the Mediterranean diet.

Presenting the tastes of their homeland through a contemporary and approachable lens, California’s first Italian Michelin-rated chefs, Antonio and Luca Abbruzzino, provide a culinary opportunity that inspires thoughtful consumption. Utilizing native ingredients as well as the bounty of local farms, their sophisticated market-driven dishes serve as ambassadors of the Mediterranean diet.

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